November 25, 2019

Curatebox: The New Wedding Subscription Box

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I’ve always loved anything wedding related, but since I got engaged I’ve wanted to buy anything and everything that has a wedding theme to it. Wedding magazines, an engagement ring holder, bridal pajamas for the big day – I want to invest in it all!

I’d heard about wedding subscription boxes and they sounded right up my street, so I was really excited to receive the Curatebox November wedding subscription box in the post earlier this month!

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Who are Curatebox?

Curatebox are a new wedding subscription box service based in the UK. They only launched just a couple of months ago, so you may not have heard of them yet! Check them out here.

Their boxes are also as eco-friendly as possible, as they’re ECOprinted, made from a minimum of 90% recycled material and are entirely recyclable.

So once I’d unwrapped my box, it all went straight in the recycling bin.

What’s in a Curatebox?

In each little blush pink box, you receive five wedding and lifestyle products. They change every month so you never know what you’re going to get!

In the November box I received:

Most of the products are quite small, but then I don’t think I’d want giant wedding products cluttering up my home. Imagine getting a giant inflatable ring or something? No thanks!

How much is a Curatebox?

There are three subscription plans to choose from:

Monthly at £16.99 per month

6-monthly at £13.99 per month

12-monthly at £12.99 per month

*Prices exclude £3 postage.

Initially I thought this was quite expensive, but when I looked around I realised Curatebox are actually very competitively priced compared to similar retailers.

I absolutely loved receiving this box and it came at a great time having just booked our wedding!

To find out more and subscribe to Curatebox, click here.

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