A few weeks ago I blogged about why everyone needs a break from their workout regime and dieting habits, and I stand by what I said. In fact, I followed my own advice (maybe a little too well) and took a two-week break during my holiday to Mexico. You’d think after a long and indulgent all-inclusive holiday that I’d be dying to get straight back in the gym and sweat out the pancakes, cocktails and nachos, but now I don’t have any motivation. This is completely normal, and really should be talked about more.

Maybe it was a combination of post-holiday blues, changes at work and laziness, but I feel like my routine in the lead up to the holiday had something to do with it. Nine months of intense exercise and strict dieting takes its toll on your body. So is it any wonder I couldn’t be bothered anymore post-holiday? It’s like if you eat a food too often and then eventually, the thought of it makes you feel sick. Ever had that before?

So how can you fix it? Before you do anything, find the root of the problem. Are you too tired? Try getting more sleep. Are you bored? Change your routine or your diet. Are you just over the whole thing? Then take as much time as you need. For me, I wasn’t sure what I was working out for anymore. I’d lost sight of reality massively, because I’d been doing the same thing for almost a year. When I changed my source of motivation, things picked back up. And they’ve been fine ever since.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s fine to take a break, and don’t feel bad about it. As long as you put yourself first, you’re making the best choice. Even the best the world have their off days.


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