September 19, 2016

Holiday Beauty Must Haves

Half the excitement of a holiday for me is the holiday shopping, which includes everything from clothes, to makeup, to sun cream. It’s easy to get carried away, I know I have, but when it comes down to it you can get away with the basic essentials.


Treat yourself to a good cleanser

Sun, sand and chlorine can play havoc on your skin, so for me a good cleanser always comes to the rescue. A foam one is a nice, light option as opposed to a thick, heavy paste, and the No7 Beautiful Skin Foaming Cleanser is my favourite one yet.


Cleansing wipes are your best friend

So they’re not the best option for your complexion admittedly, but if like me you spend all evening out drinking wine and you roll in at 12am ready to hit the hay, the last thing you want to be doing is working through your extensive cleansing and toning routine like you would at home. To replace that, I tend to use Simple Facial Wipes. These exfoliating ones are fab for refreshing your skin ahead of another day in the sun.


You need a tangle teezer in your life

If you’ve got long hair like me, these things are a god send. Not only are they nice and compact, but they seriously work. I’m telling you I have zero knots in my hair when I use this!

Nail polish can save a pedi disaster

Spending your holiday in the pool and ocean is going to rub off any polish you have on. I have Calgel on my fingernails so I don’t have to worry about these, but I always like to refresh my toes mid week with a fresh coat of paint. I opt for white most of the time as it goes with everything, and it makes you look really tanned!


 Moisturiser will save that peeling face

I don’t often stick to one particular face cream, I could happily take five if my luggage space allowed it, but for my most recent holiday I jut took my Clarins Beauty Flash Balm which I adore. Not only does it smell like refresher sweets, but its thick, creamy consistency makes my face feel so hydrated.

The revolutionary Invisibobble

Whilst these don’t hold my hair in a ponytail as securely as a normal hair tie does, they are amazing for when you want to throw your hair up on holiday. I bought the cheaper Boots own version and annoyingly three have snapped, so perhaps the proper brand is better, but nevertheless you should buy some for your next holiday so you can say goodbye to headaches and hair kinks.


Avoid burnt lips with a good SPF lip balm

I have at least ten lying around at home, but I love this 45 SPF one by Hawaiian Tropic as it smells beautifully tropical, lasts for up to ninety minutes and has no tint to it at all. Burnt lips is not a hot look, so this is definitely one of my must haves every time.

Whatever you do don’t forget to pack the sunglasses

Remember to pack these or else you’ll end up in the local supermarket trying to work out whether their pair of “Raybuns” are worth the five euros. Or try not to break them in half like Darryl does (it’s become a bit of a holiday curse).


What are your top holiday beauty products?

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