August 27, 2017

How to Make Healthy Diet Choices on Holiday

A lot of people will choose to eat whatever they want on holiday because it’s a break from reality, and while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, if you tend to travel a lot or have a goal coming up that means you don’t want to stray too far from your healthy diet, there are ways you can eat a good diet without missing out.

What to get from the restaurant

If you’re eating at an à la carte restaurant then it’s fairly easy to stay on track, because you’re not tempted by the rows and rows of food that you’d find at a buffet.

Most restaurants will offer healthy options for breakfast, such as smoothies, eggs and porridge, and for lunch and dinner you’ll usually find plenty of healthy choices that mean you don’t have to indulge in something just for the sake of it. For lunch I tend to opt for a lighter lunch because I still have half a day left of walking around in a bikini, so choosing protein such as a grilled chicken breast with salad is always a good choice for me.

When it comes to dinner I’m not as reserved because I’m only going to bed after, so I don’t really care if my bikini body inflates a size or two. If you want to keep things healthy at dinner, choosing something again along the lines of protein, such as meat or fish with vegetables, salad and either rice, pasta or some bread is your best bet.

It depends on where you are in the world, and if you’re somewhere a bit different of course you want to try their cuisine, but if the menu looks a little on the unhealthy side it’s likely that if you ask, they’ll be able to make you up a meal that’s a little less on the fattening side. Most restaurants cater for vegetarians too, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to pick a healthy option.

What to get from the buffet

If you’re staying in an all-inclusive hotel, you’ll be faced with a buffet every single day. I for one really struggled with this in Mexico because as much as I wanted to stick to the healthy options, I couldn’t resist throwing a weird mix of amazing Mexican food onto my plate. That said I did manage to keep it healthy for a few of my meals, when I felt I needed a break from the pancakes and tacos (not together, can I add).

For breakfast get yourself a coffee or fresh juice, and natural yoghurt with fruit and maybe a bit of granola. If you’d rather something hot then go for egg on toast and some veggies such as mushrooms or tomatoes.

When it comes to lunch and dinner, always help yourself to a big source of protein, whether that’s chicken, fresh fish or a veggie burger, with plenty of veg and salad on the side. There’s no harm in having pasta, rice, noodles or bread too, just keep an eye on your portions to avoid the dreaded bikini bloat. I ate carbs for every meal, probably too many admittedly, so don’t be afraid to eat them. Everything in moderation, remember!

Dessert is more tricking because the buffet always has about twenty different little cakes that I can’t ever say no to. If you really want to be ultra healthy then choose fruit, but a little cake or two with a scoop of ice-cream won’t hurt. It is a holiday after all.

What to order from the bar

Drinks are always a tough one because who wants to turn down a piña colada by the pool? Luckily I’m not overly fussed about most cocktails, so I don’t find myself drinking sugary drink after sugary drink throughout the day. Instead I usually order vodka and diet lemonade or tonic, or a glass of white wine or prosecco.

If I’m ‘pushing the boat out’ it will be a Malibu and diet coke or a Peroni. Sticking to spirits with diet drinks is good for calories, though bear in mind that the fizzy drinks will bloat you quite a bit.

You could just stick to water, but who wants that on holiday? There’s nothing wrong with a few drinks, just try to limit the ones which are essentially just sugar and additives. Worst case scenario just buy a kaftan to hide any alcohol-induced bloat – problem solved.

Remember that the more active you are, the less it matters how on point your diet is. Always aim to be as healthy as you can, but if you keep moving and maybe even fit in a workout or two, you’re not going to worry about eating a little more than usual. 

Do you eat healthy on holiday, or do you choose to indulge?

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