April 14, 2019

Iceland Airbnb: Staying at a Rooftop Spa Apartment in Reykjavik

Booking an Airbnb for our whirlwind trips is becoming a bit of a habit. One, they’re cheap. Two, they’re convenient. Three, they’re usually in incredible locations. We checked into the Rooftop Spa and Private Bath Apartment 4 for three nights in early March, and it ticked all three of those boxes.

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Iceland Airbnb location

Situated in downtown Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, our Airbnb was a quick 3-minute walk from the BSI bus station (which is ideal if you have excursions booked) and a 10-minute walk from the centre of Reykjavik.

It couldn’t have been a more perfect location, especially as we had two trips which departed from the BSI bus station during our four day Iceland adventure.

Iceland Airbnb amenities

The Airbnb had five private ensuite bedrooms, a living-room style common area, large eating area with a fridge and coffee machine, and a rooftop sauna and hot tub.

Unfortunately we didn’t get time to use the spa facilities because we were rarely there, but they would have been perfect for a lazy late afternoon after a busy day of exploring.

Iceland Airbnb ensuite bedroom

Our bedroom was really spacious. It had a king-size bed and sofa bed, table and chairs, TV, kettle and glasses, fridge, several mirrors, plenty of storage and a gorgeous rainshower in the bathroom.

Not to mention piping hot radiators, which came in handy when we returned shivering from aurora hunting every night!

Iceland Airbnb review

I loved our quirky townhouse Airbnb! You didn’t see the hosts too often but they were always about as they lived downstairs, and the code-entry system for the building and your own bedroom made the property feel really secure. The free parking was another win as we rented a car!

The only downside was that the room wasn’t cleaned at all during the three days, which meant overflowing bins from our snack feasts and grubby floors from our grit filled hiking boots, but it wasn’t the end of the world.

I’d really recommend considering and Airbnb if you’re planning a trip to Iceland. The easy come and go nature of the stay meant we could go out bright and early, and stay out looking for the northern lights until the early hours.

For the three nights, our Airbnb cost just £306. Not too bad split between the two of us!

Book our Rooftop Spa Airbnb here

Have you been to Iceland? Would you consider an Airbnb if you visited?

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