February 19, 2018

My Top 25 Travel Fails

Some of the best travel memories come from the trips where things go wrong, even if at the time the last thing you want to do is laugh about whatever happened. I love reading relatable posts from other travel bloggers about their experiences and adventures, so I spent my Sunday reminiscing with Darryl and my parents about some of my travel fails so far.

While I was chatting to my dad about some of my childhood trips he recommended watching Expedition Happiness on Netflix, which documents some of your typical and not-so-typical travel disasters from a couple who decided to travel from Northern to Southern America in a bus. The documentary just goes to show that you can have the most insane experience and portray all the good parts on Instagram, but everyone experiences a few disasters along the way.

I’m sure I’ve got plenty more to come, but in the meantime, here are 25 fails that spring to mind from my 23 years of exploring so far…

Childhood Travel Fails

I got stuck under water in a swimming pool in Majorca for a good minute or two because I tried to swim through a gap and got stuck

At the end of the trip I left my backpack in the airport toilets and they destroyed it instantly thinking it was a bomb (goodbye Game Boy)

During another trip to Majorca, we rented one of those four-seater bikes with the roofs and my mum accidentally crushed my foot to a pulp with the pedal

I fell head first off a camel and landed on its neck during a trek in the Dubai desert (which my dad kindly filmed)

We rented a beach house in Michigan City for my dad and stepmum’s wedding and the owners forgot to leave a key, so one of the guests had to climb in through an aircon unit in the middle of the night while we all stood and watched

My uncle accidentally drove us into south-side Chicago and we had to run all the red lights to make it out alive

My dad and stepmum got a stamped bit of paper to leave the UAE and go into Oman, but I didn’t because apparently children didn’t need one. When we got to Oman they said the opposite and then interrogated my dad, convinced he’d picked me up on the side of the road, and said they’d have to leave me there because legally I couldn’t leave

When we eventually got to leave, my dad took a wrong turn and we off-roaded it for almost two hours, before later finding out that if we were caught in the area we could have been shot

We found and removed a spider in our Utah accommodation during a family holiday before being told it was deadly

And then we went for a trek in summer clothes through the Zion Narrows not realising how horrendously cold it gets when the sun goes down (shout out the lady who gave me her spare top)

I went horse-riding through the woods in Wales and the person in front catapulted a branch into my face leaving me with a cut face

We drove to Scotland in -19 Celsius winter weather and had to defrost the windscreen as we went

During another trip to Scotland, we got stranded on a beach, rock climbed our way out and in the process I fell on an electric fence

Adult Travel Fails

I got too drunk on double vodkas in Ibiza and stacked it on the bathroom floor which was sopping wet from our earlier showers (bruises on holiday is not a hot look)

Darryl and I somehow broke the Go Pro on day one of our month of travelling around Dubai, Australia and Bali

I got the blisters from hell walking around Dubai for twelve hours in flip flops just to avoid paying for a taxi

I had a panic attack mid-dive in the Great Barrier Reef and had to spend the whole experience holding the instructor’s hand

I had no choice but to pee underneath one of Australia’s biggest spiders which was swinging from the roof of the outdoor toilet (along with plenty of other dangerous spider friends) on Fraser Island

Darryl and I got Bali Belly during the hottest possible day trip to the rice terraces several hours from our hotel

We hired cheap quad bikes in Zante and later realised we needed the more powerful ones to get back up the mountains that we’d just flew down (picture us going five mph up Greek mountains in blistering heat with no supplies), all before taking a wrong turn and driving about an hour south of our hotel on the way back

Darryl and I were briefly stranded in Amsterdam airport with no money because all of our cards got blocked when we tried to buy train tickets to the city center, and we were only there for the day

We tried to get to our hotel in Rome the cheap way via multiple trains instead of taxi and ended up getting lost in the middle of nowhere at 10pm on a Sunday surrounded by police officers with guns who were seeing to a drunk guy

I had a complete meltdown in a Co-op in Rome because my feet were in agony after days of walking in 35 degree temperatures, tried to leave to sit on something because I honestly thought my feet were going to explode, and instead the shop assistant misunderstood and thought I wanted a trolley for my shopping

My bikini bottoms snapped in half in the lobby toilets of our Mexico hotel so I had to try and hold them together as I walked fifteen-minutes back to our hotel room, only to find the cleaner in there

We went for a trek in the Peak District, got stranded in a cave during a blizzard, and then I fell and landed on a rock which left me with a severely bruised leg (this only happened last week)

What travel fails have you experienced!?

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