December 24, 2018

My Year in Travel: 2018 Edition

This travel blog of mine is great for life experience but terrible for my bank account, because every year I book more trips and use the excuse of needing more blog content. True story, but it’s a selfish excuse all the same.

Anyway a few trips were definitely needed, because this year has been a really tough one. Back in June I got a phone call that changed mine and my family’s lives forever, and it’s fair to say I’ve been dealing with a hell of a lot ever since.

Because of that, this Christmas will be a difficult one for me, but looking back on my year of travels and planning for the year ahead keeps my spirits high.

So with another year coming to a close, here’s a look at the five new countries, one staycation and two UK day trips that I took in 2018.

March: Paris

Our first trip of the year was to the city of Paris in early March. This was such a fun trip (although freezing) and i’m glad to have finally ticked the Parisian delights such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre off my bucket list. And freshly baked croissants, obvs.

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May: Dominican Republic

This was a real chilled, luxury break for us. So nothing too adventurous to report. But what a beautiful country! This was our first trip to the Caribbean and it was a dream. Every day involved beach strolls and pina coladas, and every night involved dancing and eating huge meals in the many resort restaurants. I love an adventure as much as the next travel blogger, but something you just need a bit of time to relax.

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July: Cornwall

Cornwall was our first proper staycation. We drove down early one summer morning and spent four days visiting different parts of the county. The photos in my blog posts are proof that you don’t need to go long haul to see some stunning beaches. This was mega adventurous because we also camped for three nights.

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August: Brighton

This was a quick day trip for us as we only live a couple of hours from Brighton. I hadn’t visited this part of England since I was a child, so it was great to pop back for some very belated birthday celebrations for Darryl, which involved taking a trip up the British Airways i360 for views over the town and eating tons of food.

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September: Croatia & Montenegro

Croatia had been on a bucket list for a lifetime and 2018 was the year I was able to finally tick it off. We booked an all-inclusive break in Cavtat, just south of Dubrovnik. But we made sure to explore more of the country (and its neighboring country Montenegro) whilst we were there. Croatia, I’ll be back!

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December: London

We wanted to get another quick day trip in the bag before the end of the year, so we visited London to see the festive sights. This trip was actually super exciting as well because it marked my first ever travel brand collaboration!

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December, Dublin

And last but not least, Dublin. I’ve never visited Ireland before, so when we were looking at options for Darryl’s Dad’s 60th birthday break, Dublin seemed like a good shout. Plus the cheap flights won us over. We spent a weekend here mid-December which was a fun way to end the year (despite the terrible weather). My Dublin guides are coming very soon!

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What’s next?

So 2018 was great, but what about 2019? Well so far next year is looking BIG in terms of trips. Possibly the biggest yet. I’ll be sharing a post on this very soon!

On that note, I wish you all a very Happy Christmas. I plan to do nothing but spend time eating, drinking and laughing with family.

Where did you visit in 2018? Have you got anything planned for 2019 yet?

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