July 5, 2017

Packing for a Healthy Holiday

If like me you’ve got a holiday booked for the summer and want to stay as on track as possible when it comes to your diet and workout routine, then you’re going to need to pack a few essentials. Making sure I’ve got these key items in my suitcase is becoming more important than remembering to pack my heels and beauty blender.

Active wear

Aside from scheduling a few morning workouts, I also want to explore on foot as much as possible whilst on holiday, so having something comfy to wear is a priority.

Fitness tracker

In addition to clothes, a fitness tracker is always a good idea. I haven’t been too good at remembering to wear my Fitit lately (oops) but taking it abroad to keep track of my steps is a good way to determine if I’m moving enough. As long as I don’t forget to take it off when I’m in the pool, because this one definitely isn’t waterproof. 

Water bottle

Constantly asking the bar for bottles of water is not only a faff but bad for the environment, so it’s important to take a bottle with you when you can to stay hydrated. If you can drink the water from the tap using a glass then obviously that’s easier, but a lot of holiday destinations advise bottled water only to avoid getting ill.

A good playlist (and headphones!)

Nothing motivates me to workout more than a good playlist, and I’ve spent some serious time creating one specifically for our upcoming trip to Mexico. This then also doubles up as flight and poolside entertainment.

Following these tips will set you up for a healthy holiday! Diet and fitness aside, make sure you enjoy yourself, you are on holiday after all…

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