If you’re anything like me, then you’ll probably be sat wondering how on earth you managed to consume as much food as you did over the Easter weekend. I can give or take an unhealthy meal because I rarely crave savoury junk food, but the chocolate? Once I set my sights on a bit of Easter egg I make a beeline for it, and well the rest is history.

I ate too much, but for the first year in a long time, I have no regrets. I’ve finally learned that you don’t get lean from eating one healthy meal, and you don’t get fat from eating one unhealthy meal either. If you’re feeling as though you’re trapped in a little chocolate induced coma too, then read on.

Get back into your workout routine

The last thing you feel like doing when you’re full from a calorific weekend is hurling your body around a gym, but it will help you exit that food coma. Get in a quick 20-30 minute workout to get the ball rolling and you’ll thanks yourself after. Try and do this in the morning, if you can.

Start your day with a healthy breakfast

You need something you’re going to look forward to, but it needs to stay healthy, so if you’re not a fan of a smoothie or something simple like fruit and yoghurt, make your favourite food but with a healthy twist. I can’t function without a good breakfast, so refueling after the gym with a big bowl of fruit-topped porridge is really important to keep my energy levels up, and my sugar cravings down.

Drink loads of water, and then some more

It’s a boring one, but drinking plenty of water will help to flush out any toxins from the day before. Drink two to three litres of water throughout the day and you’ll feel a lot more refreshed and awake. Plus, if you followed my advice and did that morning workout, then you’ll need it to re-hydrate. 

Plan for the rest of your week

Plan your meals, your workouts and your movements throughout the day. If you get caught off guard with nothing healthy to eat, you’ll stray from your good intentions, and if you allow yourself to sit and become bored at one stage or another, it’s likely you’ll turn to more food. Keep yourself active, set goals, plan ahead and you’ll be back on track before you know it. 

Do what you need to do with the evidence

If like me you have a silly amount of food left, do what you’ve got to do. Ditch it, donate it or eat it and set yourself back a smidge further. The choice is yours!

Boost your own ego

It seems like a bit of a weird thing to do, but a bit of self-love is crucial at this point. Over the weekend you ate enough to support a small family for six months, and yet you’ve since managed to drag yourself away from the sweet treats and continue working to improve your health and your body. Give yourself more credit! 

Good luck with getting back on the bandwagon!


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