Hotel reviews are still pretty new to this blog because I’m usually too impatient to start exploring wherever I am to bother taking photos of where I’m staying, but after my accommodation review in Mexico got such a good response (one of my most popular posts to date in fact), I figured I’d try to make reviews more of a regular feature on here.

For our little Paris break back in March we booked a room at the three-star Hôtel Libertel Montmartre Opéra via, which is always my go to for hotel bookings. Our room cost around £260 all in for three nights, Thursday to Sunday, which (after a lot of research) I discovered is considerably cheaper than staying in the centre of Paris.

Now, as you might have read in my Paris itinerary post, somehow I managed to book our hotel in Paris’ red light district, Pigalle. Maybe a smidge naive of me but I genuinely thought that the only RLD was in Amsterdam, so I didn’t even think to check. Travel fail. That said, this RLD wasn’t remotely like the Amsterdam one. It was just a few dodgy shops along one main road, so don’t worry if you do the same thing.

Not that we spent too much time here, but Pigalle was actually quite nice. It had plenty of cute restaurants and cafes away from the main strip, and it’s home to the famous Moulin Rouge. It’s also just a short hilly walk away from Montmarte, which is a must-see area (more on this soon!). In terms of distance from everything else, we were never more than about an hour’s walk from any main attraction. Plus, there were two metro stations really close by, so there’s no need to walk anywhere if you don’t want to. Based on that, definitely don’t rule out Pigalle when you’re looking to book your Paris accommodation!

Onto the hotel. The rooms were very small, but to be honest we weren’t in the room long enough to care. The only time we found it annoying was when we had to battle with each other to get ready for the day. Our room was also pretty high up which was good for views, but bad for the whole ‘heat rises’ thing. Sweltering at night. It did have air-con though.

It was very basic and IKEA-esque, which is fine by me but obviously not some people’s cup of tea, especially if you’re after some Parisian culture. The room didn’t have a lot, but it did have somewhere to hang a few clothes, a little coffee area, a TV and somewhere to stash your case. The only downside was no safe, so we had to carry everything with us all the time. The bathroom was also a dream. Really small again, but so modern and clean. It did the job, what more do you need?

We booked on a room-only basis so we could be those tourists who eat at cafes for breakfast, so I can’t comment on their food or drinks, but I did read that their breakfast was €10 per person. Pretty pricey for a continental spread, but maybe it was out of this world. We’ll never know.

Overall the Hôtel Libertel Montmartre Opéra was perfect for our little spontaneous spring city break. Definitely check it out if you’re looking for a short stay in the city!


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