April 28, 2019

Salzburg Travel Guide: How to Plan Your Trip

Earlier this month I finally got to tick Austria off my bucket list! Me and my mum were looking for a European city to visit to celebrate her birthday and retirement, and decided to recreate a trip that Darryl did last year with work. That city was Salzburg.

Read on to find out everything you need to know when it comes to planning your own trip to Salzburg!

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Things to know about Salzburg

Where is Salzburg: the city of Salzburg is in north-west Austria, really close to the border of Germany.

Currency in Salzburg: Austria uses the Euro.

Language in Salzburg: the primary language is German, though you might hear a few mixes of other languages (which was the same for Switzerland).

Weather in Salzburg: as it’s a European city, Salzburg generally follows the same seasons as the UK, but with hotter summers and colder winters. This winter they had a crazy amount of snow with ten feet falling in some places.

Salzburg Old Town: the city is so quaint and full of Baroque architecture, which is probably why it’s a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. Half the fun of the trip is just wandering around the cobbled streets.

Salzburg was home to Mozart: did you know this city was the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? Which explains why you’ll see a few Mozart statues and his house when you visit. You can also go inside if you want to.

The Sound of Music was filmed in Salzburg: some of the main scenes were filmed in the Mirabell Gardens and by the Pegasus Fountain, which are really easy to get to. You can also do a guided Sound of Music tour if you want to temporarily feel like part of the Von Trapp family.

Mountains & Lakes in Salzburg: the city is literally surrounded by so many stunning mountains and lakes, one of which we visited on day two. More on this later!

When to visit Salzburg

This city is beautiful any time of year, but it gets busy in summer and weather can be treacherous in winter. So spring or autumn are probably your best bet!

Our visit was during spring. Annoyingly we had pretty bad weather, but it’s usually in full bloom with warm temperatures at this time of year.

Better still, go around Easter. Seeing the streets lined with painted eggs, decorations, chocolate gifts and ribbon bouquets was amazing!

Where to stay in Salzburg

You can stay in the city, or you can stay by one of the lakes. We chose to do the latter and booked two nights at the Sheraton Fuschlsee-Salzburg Hotel Jagdhof, which is at Lake Fuschlsee in the town of Fuschl.

I’ll be doing a full review soon, but I really recommend this hotel!

Top things to do in Salzburg

I’ll be sharing our three-day itinerary soon to help you plan the perfect weekend break in Salzburg.

Getting to and from Salzburg Airport

When we arrived, we took Salzburg’s eco-friendly trolley bus into town, which cost €2 each and took about 20-minutes. You can get your ticket right outside the airport at the end of the short walkway.

If you’re staying in the city then you can do the same on the way back, but as we were staying at away from the city at Lake Fuschlsee, we booked a taxi for €75 which took 30-minutes.

How to get around Salzburg

If you’re staying in the city, then you can easily get around by foot. It’s not that big compared to other European cities. Alternatively you can hop on and off the trolley buses with a 24-hour or multi-day ticket.

If you want to head out to one of the lakes, you can either look into buses or book a taxi. It depends which one you’re going to. The closest is Lake Fuschlsee.

What to pack for Salzburg

What we spent in Salzburg

Salzburg isn’t particularly cheap, but it doesn’t need to be extortionate either. The only big costs for us were the flights and accommodation. Here’s what we spent between the two of us over two and a bit days:

Total trip cost: £908.46 / £454.23 per person (£151.41 per day)

Salzburg turned out to be the perfect little city break for a girls trip. The highlight for me was actually Lake Fuschlsee. We didn’t get to see the lake at its best because of the weather, but just being there by the mountains was enough.

Next, I want to visit Vienna!

Have you been to Salzburg before? Would you like to go?

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