February 2, 2017

Stoke Park Hotel & Spa

Being woken up on your birthday to be told to pack a bag because you’re spending the day at a spa, is undeniably a great feeling. This right here is proof that men do listen! I’ve only been to one spa before, but the older I get the more appreciation I have for the idea of a spa. Sitting there with nothing to do but enjoy the sheer relaxation that surrounds you is quite uplifting.

Getting to spend the day with my favourite person, with no work, no commitments and no distractions, is the icing on the cake. After all, I think Darryl needed this spa day more than I did, given that he spent a good hour or so totally out for the count beside the pool. I couldn’t photograph the inside of the spa because of course people are there in their swimwear or robes, but I made sure I got plenty of shots of the grounds at Stoke Park, because that alone makes this spa worth a visit.

The road that led to the Stoke Park was insane. It went on for what felt like forever, with a huge golf course either side. Quaint little England at its finest! There were two buildings, with the spa located in the smaller second building.

I’m not sure what was inside the larger building, but I can only assume it was additional restaurants/conference rooms, and perhaps part of the hotel. Whatever it was, it looked like a giant white wedding cake. As my birthday is only a few days after Christmas, both buildings were complete with gorgeous Christmas trees, wreaths and decorations, which made it feel so festive.

We started our spa day off with lunch in the restaurant the overlooks the pool. I ditched the vegetables and water for once, and fully indulged in a gigantic club sandwich with chips, and prosecco (of course), with poached pear terrine and ice cream for dessert. Having a food baby appear when you’re able to strut around a spa in a bikini isn’t ideal, but the food was too good to regret, so the food baby proudly made its debut for the rest of the afternoon.

Stoke Park Spa has everything you could want from a spa really, lovely changing rooms, a huge pool, a quiet atrium with complimentary tea and fruit, and an outdoor section which featured a steam room and a jacuzzi. The thought of ditching the oversized, snuggly white robe to dip into the outdoor jacuzzi when there was literally ice on the ground was a bit unnerving, but once you were in you completely forget that it was zero degrees. Until you have to get out of course – that part isn’t so fun. 

Stoke Park also had an amazing gym, but seeing as it was my birthday I figured I’d give myself a day off. That said, we did change into our gym kit so we could spend half an hour or so on the tennis courts. We were terrible, unsurprisingly, but it was a fun way to end a relaxing day.

I can only image how beautiful Stoke Park is in the summer, so hopefully one day I’ll get to go back. I wouldn’t be able to resist dive-bombing the outdoor jacuzzi then, would I? My twenty-second Birthday was a good’un, so thank you to Darryl for making it such a perfect day.

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