May 14, 2016

The Perfect PEN Accessory | M.Zuiko Digital 45mm Lens

The Olympus Pen E-PL7 with its standard pancake lens has exceeded far beyond my expectations of what I hoped I could get from this gorgeous Compact System Camera, but while I’m still learning the ropes, it was important to me to expand my options a little in terms of the imagery itself.


I’d been eyeing up the various M.Zuiko lenses, but with a lack of knowledge when it comes to anything tech, I took to the blogging world to find out which one I was best to get. After reading countless raving reviews of the M.Zuiko Digital 45mm Lens and watching tutorial after tutorial on what it was capable of, I fell head over heels in love with it.


“Beautifully designed and affordably priced, this lens makes a sensational addition to any enthusiast’s camera kit.”

Perfectly summed up by Olympus themselves, it’s clear they know they’ve created an incredible lens. The 45mm features an incredibly fast aperture which allows you to snap portrait shots that blow everything out of the water.


Also offering the most beautiful background blur I’ve ever seen in a photo, the 45mm is the ideal lens for any photographer, or more specifically blogger, who is just dying to capture the perfect picture with a little added bokeh for good measure.


I am absolutely over the moon with this lens and it takes pride of place in my tech collection whenever I sit down to shoot blog images. Now I just need to learn how to take advantage of its outstanding capabilities!


Looking for a new lens for your Olympus Pen? Check out the Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 45mm Lens.

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