December 31, 2018

Travel Plans for 2019

Updated June 2019

If you read my 2018 review post then you’ll remember I said I had some mega travel plans for 2019. Well now I can’t stop booking trips and they’re all strong bucket list destinations for me!

Here’s a quick look at where I’ve been and where I’m going in 2019, including all the info on who we booked with and what it has cost us so far.

Budapest, January

This wasn’t on the radar until Christmas Day when I unwrapped a piece of paper that said we’re flying to Budapest for the weekend in mid-January. Darryl and I have wanted to visit this city for ages so I was over the moon that he’d booked this as a surprise for me! Definitely cried a bit.

As this was a gift I don’t know what the flights or our Airbnb cost, but I know he got a pretty great deal on Black Friday.

Iceland, March

I saw super cheap flights last April so impulse booked one morning and it was the best decision ever. Iceland is one of those places that everyone seems to go lately, but for good reason. Who wouldn’t want to go? Even if you’re not a fan of the cold, it’s worth the trip for so many other reasons. What a spectacular, surreal place.

Salzburg, April

In April my mum is not only celebrating a birthday, but also her retirement from the NHS, so she wanted to celebrate with a little weekend break. Last year Darryl went to Salzburg and raved about the lakes, so we’re recreating the trip!

New York City, May

This was possibly the most spontaneous trip we’ve ever booked. We were originally thinking about a huge Canadian road trip with a short stop in the Big Apple, but realistically we can’t afford that right now, so instead I suggested just doing NYC and later that day we’d booked our flights and accommodation for our anniversary in May. What a way to celebrate eight years together!

Barcelona, July

I said I wouldn’t have another city break this year, but then I booked Barcelona. But this is a bit more of a laid back city break, because there’s obviously a lush beach and our hotel has a very luxurious looking rooftop pool. This was another spontaneous trip, but by booking only six weeks in advance we got such a good deal!

Hit me up with any Barcelona recommendations please!

Flights and hotel package: £272pp via Expedia (3 nights)

Sri Lanka, September

We were originally planning a luxury, all-inclusive stay in Sri Lanka for September, but I felt like I wanted another adventure. Snazzy resorts are amazing, but I knew that we’d get lost in the luxe of it all and put off exploring. So instead, we’ve booked a 10-day tour to see as much as Sri Lanka as possible. This country was voted Best in Travel for 2019 by Lonely Planet, so I’m really excited about this one too!

If you’ve been to Sri Lanka before, do you have any top tips or advice?

2019 is a really pricey year for us, but its shaping up to be amazing because of it. And the fact that we’re both turning 25 seems like a pretty good excuse to go big (right!?).

What have you got booked for 2019? Is there anywhere you’re hoping to book?

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