January 26, 2020

Travel Plans for 2020

2020 has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? We’re now well and truly into a new year, a new decade, and a new start (for anyone who wants it). And so far I’m loving it.

I’m usually not a fan of this month – it tends to drag on forever and the weather brings my mood down – but this has actually been a great January for me so far.

Work is busy, we’re moving house in a few days, my brain is bursting with blog ideas, my views have been up – and of course it’s the best time of year to plan upcoming travels!

So, where am I travelling to in 2020? Put it this way, it’s hard to beat 2019, but it is shaping up to be pretty incredible…

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Image from Pexels

Lake Bled & Ljubljana, March

Not only was it Darryl’s twenty-fifth in 2019, but it was also the year he proposed to me with a beautiful ring. From that day on I felt bad that I received something lovely and he didn’t! So I upped my birthday budget a little and treated him to a trip in Slovenia for this year.

I booked a wooden lodge style hotel on the edge of Lake Bled, giving us four days to explore the lake, the beautiful town of Ljubljana and surrounding areas. 

I’ve always loved the look of Slovenia, there’s something so peaceful and majestic about how the church sits in the middle of the turquoise blue lake.

Image from Pexels

Pisa, April

We clearly love treating each other to trips, because Darryl surprised me with a holiday to Pisa for my twenty-fifth! We’ve both been saying ever since visiting Rome that we must go back to Italy soon, and it seems that 2020 is the year.

We’re in Pisa for three days and plan to spend one of those days visiting a nearby town (perhaps Lucca?), so if you have any recommendations please let me know!

As this was a gift I don’t know what the Easyjet flights or our Airbnb cost, but I know he got a pretty great deal on both.

Images from Pexels

Singapore & Philippines, May

We had originally planned to go to the Philippines next Christmas, but we realised that we’d be away for our first Christmas in our new home, which is not what we want at all.

Originally we were going to scrap the idea for a few years, but a few days later we’d booked ourselves some cheeky Black Friday flights for May!

Singapore is a country that I’ve wanted to visit forever, so we played around with flights until we found some that included a stopover in Singapore. We’re only there for one night but it’s a great way to break up a very long flight to the Philippines!

I’m yet to book hotels or internal flights as we’re still trying to narrow down which islands to visit, so drop a comment below with any suggestions!

What’s next?

We haven’t booked anything else yet (and probably should avoid it to save for the wedding!), but I would love to go to Marrakech this year. And perhaps fit in a UK weekend break too. We’ll see!

Where are you off to in 2020? Let me know below!

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