Two years from where this blog began and I’m sat here in my office thinking about everything that’s changed. Not just with my blog, but with life. In that time I’ve changed jobs, travelled to six countries, been through a number of events which have tested my patience, lost friends, gained friends, and moved into my first home. The older I get the more adventurous I get, so I can only image the sorts of things I’ll be writing about in any future reflection posts. So, what have I learned?

Don’t wake up & expect to have crazy stats

It took me a good few months to realise this, and you know what? I still don’t have crazy stats. Between periods of inconsistent content, a lot of competition and ideas which I’m not at this stage able to fully utilise, I was silly to think I could achieve what the full time, extremely hard working bloggers do in a matter of months. Lesson learned.

The more you get stuck in, the better you’ll become

This will vary from blogger to blogger, but for me the more events I go to, the more I get involved in the blogging community and the more I actually blog all play a part in my progression. I look back at old posts and I see an old version of myself sat there with half the confidence and half the inspiration. Now I accept every possible event invitation and if a post requires me to stay up until midnight to improve and perfect despite my 6am alarm, then so be it.

You will never please everyone

I am a victim of trolling, by someone I knew and by people who I’ve never met or spoken to. It’s crap and nothing can make you feel worse about yourself and what you do, but it happens. You just have to assess whether or not that comment or remark is worth your time.

How much I adore writing

The more I blog, the more passionate I become about writing. I was never arty at school, but I knew I was creative in one way or another, so when I realised I could channel it into writing this blog I felt like I’d struck gold.

How many doors blogging opens

Put simply, I wouldn’t necessarily have my job without this blog. The things that I’ve learned through blogging and things I’ve taught myself are skills that I can carry with me for the rest of my life, all thanks to this little space on the internet.

Don’t be a blogging sheep

In the past I’ve bored myself with posts, but I felt I had to post them because I thought I had nothing else to talk about. What I’ve learned in 2016 is that blogging about something that makes you tick, something you know will be of interest to other people, is worth a thousand times more than something written with a half-assed attitude.

Here’s to another year of blogging, let’s see where I’ll be on 21st October 2017!


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