August 14, 2018

Ultimate Guide to a Saona Island Day Excursion

Saona Island is absolutely considered ‘the place to go’ in the Dominican Republic. It has dreamy beaches, it’s stacked with coconut palms and it featured on a Bounty advert. It’s quite literally paradise.  That said, it does have a few cons to balance out its pros, which I’ll sum up later in the post. For now, here’s everything you need to know about our trip to Saona Island.

Who did we book with?

There are so many companies that offer this trip, you could lose a whole day of your holiday just deciding. I’ve heard that if you go with recommended local companies you’ll get way more for your money, but being the untrustworthy person that I am, I’d rather have some sort of fallback. In this case, a worldwide company like TUI. As we booked our holiday with TUI we had access to their excursions, so we chose them at our welcome meeting on day one.

What our trip cost

Generally trips start around £50 depending on who you go with. They can get really pricey though. With TUI, the Saona Supreme is about £95 per person. With this you get you own piece of beach and slightly fancier food, apparently. I heard the word lobster and wasn’t bothered, so we chose the Saona Simple package instead, which cost just under £60 each.

What our TUI trip included

Pros and cons of Saona and the trip

Pros: seriously stunning location so make sure you explore, great range of food on the beach, unlimited drinks is a nice touch, free sun loungers on the beach, excellent and knowledgeable guide (shout-out to Obama, if you know you know), great party vibes on the catamaran and a good mix of transport to keep the day interesting.

Cons: it’s a long day at least 12 hours, the coach transport means you will stop at tons of other hotels if you’re the first pick up and last trop off, we didn’t get to see the starfish that everyone raves about, the island’s beach is super busy, the Insta-worthy pina coladas in pineapples are seriously overpriced at $10 each and the toilets although maintained were a bit nasty.

Things to note if you go to Saona

Find out more about the trip with TUI here – and let me know what you think of Saona Island if you’ve been!

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