November 25, 2018

Where to visit Santa: A Christmas trip to Tomteland in Sweden

One of the best memories I have as a child is visiting Santa Claus at his Swedish workshop the weekend before Christmas in 2004. Nothing will replace that feeling of going into school one day and telling people that I was going to meet the big man himself! There are plenty of places you can take your children to meet him, but here’s why Santaworld should be on your bucket list if you’re looking for a magical trip abroad (plus a few throwback photos!).

Where is Santaworld?

Locally known as Tomteland, Santaworld is hidden deep in the woods near the Gesunda mountains in Mora, Sweden. It’s also close to Lake Siljan, Sweden’s sixth largest lake. The drive up to Santaworld is unbelievable in itself! Think empty, snowy roads lined with towering pine trees. Who knows, you might even spot a Moose!

What can you do at Santaworld?

I’m sure it’s changed quite a bit since I went, but besides meeting Santa Claus you can explore the park, ride on the horse and sledge and enjoy a cup of glögg in front of the fireplace in the Santa’s Workshop. The whole park is full of fantasy and fairy tale trolls, gnomes, witches, elfs, snowmen and more, so your kids will be entertained from start to finish. They also have a restaurant which I’d imagine is quite pricey, so maybe consider taking some supplies with you instead.

How much does it cost to visit Santaworld?

Below are some prices for one-day passes, very roughly translated from their ticket page! They also offer two-day, season and group passes.

*Rates as of November 2018.

How do you get to Santaworld?

If you’re going from the UK you’ll need to book flights. You can fly into Mora’s closest international airport, Torsby and drive 150km / 2 hours to Tomteland – or you can fly into a cheaper airport such as Stockholm and choose between a 3.5 hour train into central Mora or hiring a car and doing the journey yourself. We did the latter which worked out fine for us.

Where can you stay near Santaworld?

There are plenty of nearby hotels with good rates. Tomteland actually offer special rates for a few hotels, which you can check out here. Or just Google “hotels near Tomteland” and plenty of options will come up.

When should you go to Santaworld?

We visited on December 18th in 2004, which was exactly one week before Christmas. Being able to go at a weekend was ideal for school, but I’m sure tickets book up fast, so don’t hang about if you’re thinking of going!

Why should you visit Santaworld?

From my experience as a ten-year-old, I can’t recommend this trip enough. Words can’t describe how magical it felt, so much so that my imagination went into overdrive and I was convinced that things were materialising out of thin air. Santaworld really is the perfect pre-Christmas break to get the family excited for the upcoming festivities, and it’s somewhere that I hope to take my children one day!

Are you tempted to choose the enchanting Santaworld in Mora for your next winter holiday? Read a few reviews on Santaworld over on TripAdvisor. Let me know if you decide to go!

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