July 21, 2019

We Got Engaged!

It feels really weird to be writing a post about being newly engaged, but then everything about the past week has been different. I always knew it would be amazing to become a fiancée, but this big bubble of overwhelming happiness that I’ve found myself in ever since is the best feeling in the world.

Darryl and I have been together just over eight years so we’d talked about getting engaged a fair few times, but even when you think it will happen sometime soon, nothing can prepare you for the moment that it does.

Rewind back to Sunday 14 July and we were exploring the beautiful city of Barcelona. I’d wanted to go for years but hadn’t yet made it there, so when the post New York holiday blues set in I booked a little Spanish holiday for just six weeks later.

It was the first full day of our trip having arrived the evening before, and we’d spent the day covering a good amount of ground before heading up to Park Güell, an urban park home to some of architect Gaudi’s creations, for the sunset.

It was a boiling hot day and we’d had a bit of a trek from the Bunquers del Carmel, so before we explored the park we dived into a bar to order two glasses of Sangria. But then but all of a sudden Darryl was speeding off towards the top of the park with me in tow, in search of a place to take a photo free of other tourists.

He eventually called me down to a remote spot with a view that spanned across the whole city and set his camera up on a tree. I was a bit suspicious at this point (mainly hopeful!), but he wasn’t acting strange or nervy so I convinced myself it wasn’t what I thought and he really did just want that photo.

But then instead of reaching for his phone to press the shutter, he took both my hands, said the most beautiful words, pulled a ring box out of his pocket and dropped to one knee.

I’ve always been a crier, but I have never howled like I did in that moment. I forgot about the camera (which turned out to be capturing the entire proposal), lost all feeling in my legs and shook like a leaf.

Then a minute or two later I remembered that I was supposed to actually put the ring on, which I hadn’t even really acknowledged until that point. It is absolutely my dream ring (so I guess the hints via Pinterest did the trick!) and the thought he put into it blew me away.

How he got it through security, which involved a bag check because he forgot to remove his liquids, and carried it around for 24 hours without me knowing is beyond me. I always thought I’d know when it was nearby, but it had been within two meters of where I sleep for over a month and I was none the wiser.

I remember the moment so clearly, but at the same time it also feels like a huge blur. I’m so happy he got the whole thing on video so I can watch it teary-eyed over and over again, which I’ve already done about 50 times.

If you want to watch the proposal, you can see it below (skip to 2.53 unless you want to see more of Barcelona).

We didn’t tell anyone for the first couple of hours just to enjoy the feeling of being the only two people in the world who knew, but later video called and phoned our families to see their reactions. Seeing your parents cry with happiness makes the whole thing even more special. And telling our friends the next morning was a lot of fun too!

I could have stayed there all night but the park was closing, so we made our way down to a spot near Ciutadella Park to *cheers* over a bottle of champagne and devour delicious tapas.

Darryl picked the perfect moment to propose and having a few more days to relax by the pool, sunbathe on the beach, drink sangria in the sun, eat our bodyweight in patatas bravas and reminisce on Sunday’s events was the absolute dream.

We have been completely overwhelmed with love every day since, so thank you to everyone who’s reached out. We’re still celebrating with our friends and family, and I’m still obsessing over the ring, both of which I’m sure will continue for some time!

Travel content will resume next week…

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