March 2, 2020

Wedding Diaries: Catering, Photography & Next Steps

It’s been a little while since I shared a wedding update, or anything for that matter! The last few months have been a bit crazy.

In October we booked our wedding, we went to Poland and I changed jobs. Between November and December I was really getting stuck into my new role. December was Christmas, my birthday and of course New Year. And in January, we were packing up our apartment and spending far too much time homeware shopping before moving house at the very end of the month.

So where are we now? Life is slowing down a bit (thank God!) but there’s still tons keeping me busy.

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Booking our wedding catering 

So we have the venue – the next most important thing is of course the food! We only got two caterer options at our venue (both of which charged admittedly more than I wanted to pay!), so we picked the most affordable one and booked them straight away.

We have our menu tasting in autumn which in my opinion has to be one of the best parts of wedding planning, right? That said I have been vegetarian since the start of 2020, and there’s a real mix of meat eaters and veggies amongst our guests, so picking a balanced menu might be a bit more complicated.

For the evening food, we’ve decided we want to hire a street food van as our venue has an amazing lit courtyard to mingle in. Even if the weather takes a turn for the worst, people can still run out to grab a bite to eat and run straight back inside, as the van will be right beside the entrance.

Cuisine wise we’re torn between a few options, particularly as we have so many great street food vans in and around Milton Keynes, but we’re swaying towards Mexican food at the moment. We both love this type of food, and there are some great veggie options to choose from.

Having street food at our wedding might seem like a strange choice to some of our guests, but one three course sit down meal seems more than enough and we both love how it transforms the day into a more casual vibe before the party really starts.

However I will absolutely be that bride swanning around with champagne and salsa down her wedding dress

In case it’s of interest, post-wedding I’ll be doing a huge round up blog with links to all our suppliers!

Booking our wedding photographer

This bit I was super excited for. I am really passionate about photography, so choosing a photographer that ticked all the boxes was worth spending a few months thinking about. 

We want slightly moodier, creative photography as opposed to your bright, crisp wedding photos. Lucky for us, we found tons of photographers who capture this style perfectly.

The issue was the cost! So many I loved were charging £1600, £1800, £2000 (some even £4000!). It just wasn’t an option for us. We set a budget of £1000 but ended up spending £1200, as I really believe that if there’s anything you you break the budget on, it’s incredible wedding photos.

I can’t wait to meet our photographer nearer the time to go over the kind of shots we’re looking to get on the day!

What next?

Now that we’re all moved into the house, most of the interior is sorted and our pending trips abroad are near enough sorted – we can finally start thinking about the wedding again.

So what’s next on the wedding agenda?

Spring: Book a wedding videographer

We have um’d and ah’d about this for a while. I wasn’t sure if I wanted a videographer. Darryl definitely didn’t want a videographer. Then we watched inthefrow’s wedding video and both said “we need a videographer”.

But again, there’s a huge cost that comes with one of these. We’ve set a budget of £1000, but it seems we’ll need to pay a fair bit more to get the kind of video we want. Spending more than that on a video seems crazy, but everyone I know who paid the price for it said it was worth every single penny. And I will absolutely be that person who watches it over and over again.

So if you have any suggestions of amazing videographers that cover Buckinghamshire, please let me know!

Summer: Book entertainment

This wasn’t originally in the budget but I think that it would quickly become a very boring wedding without any entertainment, so we’ll need to make room for this!

In terms of what we want, we have absolutely no idea. Again, hit me up with any recommendations!

Autumn: Say yes to the dress!

This is a time I am very, very excited about. But also terrified – because if spending thousands on a venue and food isn’t enough for me to realise that I’M GETTING MARRIED – trying on wedding dresses is. 

In terms of dress shopping, I have absolutely no idea where to go or what I really want, so I’ll be on Pinterest for that all summer no doubt.

I’m hoping Darryl will start thinking about his suit around this time too…

Autumn: Plan flowers and decorations

As we’re having an autumn wedding, we want to cut costs by creating a lot of our own decorations. Our plan is to get as much as we can on woodland walks and dry it all out in the garage over winter ready for the wedding the following autumn. Such as pine cones, wood, etc.

We also have a friend who’s helping us out with rustic table placings, which we’re so grateful for. I can’t wait to see how these turn out!

But we still need to sort flowers, so I’ll be booking one or two consultations with florists this autumn to play around with ideas.

Autumn/Winter: Book the honeymoon

Black Friday sales, we’re coming for you! We always book a holiday on Black Friday and it’s crazy to think that next time it’ll be our honeymoon that we’re booking. 

We haven’t got a clue where we want to go yet. We’re totally torn between something chilled and beachy, and something way more adventurous. Maybe a bit of both, who knows!

This summer will definitely be spent in the new garden, with many glasses of wine, looking at destination options.

And that’s just about where we’re up to!

I’m sure there’s tons more we should be doing or at least thinking about – so feel free to remind me – but most things seem to fall into early 2021.

I’m feeling very chill about wedding planning right now, and long may it last! (It won’t…)

Have you got any wedding planning tips? Let me know below!

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4 responses to “Wedding Diaries: Catering, Photography & Next Steps”

  1. Linda says:

    Did you see Trevs comment about Simone wedding dress shop at Olney? She is Lisa’s great friend and is very relaxed and helpful. I am sure you would like the experience there.And maybe if you said you were Lisa’s niece you would get a discount !
    Hope all is going hunky dory with the new house and wedding plans.
    Regards to Darryl.
    We are felling a little fragile after Louise’s party but are flying back to Spain today. Love L 💖😊

  2. Victoria says:

    Love this post so much. I can highly recommend a videographer, might be expensive but wow it’s worth it. If you wanted to check mine out, just type doorwaysanddresses in to YouTube and you will come across little old me. I also have many wedding blogs on my site and if you need any advice or tips just let me know. Can’t wait to read more about your wedding plans 🙂

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