July 27, 2017

What I Learned on Holiday

There’s no denying that a holiday is the best way to relax and gather your thoughts, but I didn’t expect to leave Mexico feeling how I did about certain situations, and I certainly didn’t expect to gain any sense of wisdom or perspective. 

You don’t have to avoid indulging

Let’s start off with one that surprised me the most. I set off on my holiday obsessed with being healthy, so I had every intention to eat well 90% of the time, saving that remaining 10% for the odd cocktail and ice-cream. I ended up eating like I was living my last days on earth. Obviously I didn’t feel my best during that holiday, but by the time I was home I was back to normal. Proof that a few days of living your best life won’t make you fat.

You also don’t have to be active if you don’t want to

I went away with three sets of gym clothes and even some resistance bands wedged in my (extremely over packed) suitcase. I intended to workout every two days, as I normally would at home. Did I? No. I did three short workouts over the twelve days, and apart from that, I laid horizontally on a sunbed. That said, it’s not a bad idea to go for a walk every day and make use of the pool. It’s the most fun type of exercise you’ll ever do.

You don’t have to be regimented every single day

I always used to go on holiday with the same ‘plan’. Get up at 6am to reserve a sunbed by the pool (the bane of my life), go and eat breakfast, spend a day in the sun, go in just before 6pm to get showered, go for dinner, and then sit around drinking while watching average hotel entertainment. Now this is so boring to me. I’d rather lay in some mornings, spend the day exploring, eat somewhere different and sometimes, even just sit in bed with room service. It is a holiday after all.

You also don’t have to do everything on your bucket list

Nobody gets ‘fear of missing out’ on holiday quite like I do. It’s great to explore and make the most of your time in a new place, but I actually get stressed if I don’t visit everywhere on my bucket list, which totally goes against the point of relaxing. There were a ton of places we didn’t get to see in Mexico, but we were only there for less than two weeks, so I was never going to see everything I wanted to was I? 

You don’t need to take a photo of everything that happens

Every nice tree, every cute beach, every stunning sunset, every new outfit, I have to have a picture. It’s just something that comes from blogging I guess. We came home from Mexico with over 3,000 photos between us. I love having photos, but I definitely got a bit snap-happy, and part of me wishes I’d just put the camera down and soaked up my surroundings a little more. Who else is guilty of this?

You also don’t need to make every part of your day ‘Insta’ worthy

I always look at these Instagram models and feel like I need to post the same content. But I’m not a model, I’m a travel blogger, so in reality most photos of me will be with wet sandy hair, minimal makeup and a body that isn’t sculpted to perfection. I used to hate that, but I’m ok with it now.

As you can see, I learned a lot on holiday. Things that I should have learned a long time ago. Sometimes you just need a break to come back down to earth, right?

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