Most of the time I just go to the gym with the essentials stuffed into my pockets because I usually head straight home to shower before work, but on the odd occasion that I do need to shower at the gym I make sure that I have my gym bag prepped and ready to go.


Where would I be without a towel and a water bottle? I drink like crazy at the gym because my interval training tires me out so quickly. Oh, and thank god for gym gloves! Without these my hands would be a mess. I got these Nike ones from Sports Direct for less than £10 and they’re exactly what I need for my weight training.


Where would I be without my tech? I use my phone not only for time keeping, but also for the handy (and free) Interval Timer App. This is perfect for the HIIT training because that way I can do my usual 40 seconds on / 20 seconds off routine without having to keep a close eye on a nearby clock. Phone aside, I also have my trusty Fitbit Charge 2, which I treated myself to in January with birthday money.


My trusty LUSH shower gel, Tangle Teezer, Nivea lip balm and Bath & Body Works hand gel are always gym bag staples. Nothing beats freshening up after a tough workout! Makeup wise I’d usually take my entire makeup bag for my post-shower routine. Next up, deodorant. I’ve been trialling these new ones from Soft & Gentle recently. The Hair Minimise one has up to 48 hour protection and contains KELISOFT™ to reduce VEGF, otherwise known as the protein in the body that stimulates hair growth. And then the Cool Boost one has up to 72 hour protection, and is made with Evercool Skin™ which triggers a cooling sensation on application.

All I need now, are a good set of wireless head phones! If anyone can recommend an inexpensive pair, please do. There’s only so much ‘lifter grunting’, as I like to call it, you can bear at 6am. Seriously, there should be a volume rule on that!

The Soft & Gentle products featured in this post are a PR sample, but all opinions are of course my own.


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