I definitely don’t need any more health foods clogging up the cupboards, but Whole Foods Market is a place that I’ve been dying to visit for ages. In hindsight it probably wasn’t wise to be drinking prosecco and cocktails before the food shop, because before I knew it I had a basket full of ‘must haves’ with zero concept of what I was going to have to pay when I got to the till. 

Being completely real for a minute, 90% of this stuff is massively overpriced and on an average day I wouldn’t dream of paying such an extortionate amount on what in reality won’t last me more than a few weeks, but when you spend every day reading about how incredible certain products are, of course you’re tempted to see what all the fuss is about!

First up, sweet treats! As a full time peanut butter enthusiast I obviously stocked up on my favourite brand, Pip & nut. This stuff has the best texture and literally dribbles off your spoon. Leaving the shop with 1KG of peanut butter was a proud moment for me.

I also came across this peanut butter powder from PB Fit, which could be amazing or terrible, I really don’t know, but I thought it could potentially be perfect in smoothies or used when baking. 

The only thing I like more than peanut butter is chocolate. I’ve been dying to try Ombar chocolate for about a year but I couldn’t justify paying £2 for the world’s smallest bar, so instead I got this little packet of buttons which I’ve got to say were absolutely to die for!

I also got two slabs of chocolate from Doisy & Dam, which fitness bloggers absolutely rave about. I’m not sure how I feel about the Maca, Vanilla and Cacao Nibs 74% Organic Dark Chocolate, possibly a bit strong for me, but the Lemon, Poppy Seed and Baobab 30% Organic White Chocolate is on another level.

Next up, granola and snack bars, another addiction to add to the collection. Lizzi’s is my favourite granola and I can only usually get my hands on the low sugar version, so I had to take advantage of this Passion Fruit Pistachio one because that flavour combo sounds incredible.

I also got a couple of Kind Bars in flavours I hadn’t seen before, Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond and Madagascan Vanilla Almond. Both amazing – yes I ate them already – but the mocha one was without a doubt the best!

I love Nakd Bars too so I got this Gingerbread one, but disappointingly it was a little a bit underwhelming. I guess nothing can compare to their Bakewell Tart ones. I really wanted to get my hands on the Lemon Drizzle ones but they didn’t have any, so the search continues!

Last but not least I got three Pulsin Bars, which again is something I’ve not tried before. I picked up the Raw Choc Brownie Almond & Raisin, Raw Choc Brownie Peanut Choc Chip, and Protein Booster Maple & Peanut. I’ve had two out of the three so far and oh my god, they’re way better than I expected! They’re pretty heavy going so not ideal if you want a light snack, but if you want something to fill you up, you need these in your life.

I’m so happy with what I bought, now I just need to try and stop myself eating the entire lot throughout the course of this weekend! If there’s anything you think I should get next time I’m there, let me know!


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