January 4, 2019

Why I Started a Travel Blog & Who Inspired It

I’ll always remember the day I discovered Brooke Saward from the travel blog World of Wanderlust. This was during that point in my life where I was trying to pluck a career out of the sky because I thought I had to make this choice straight after school, so I began sending my dad streams of messages about how I wanted to be just like her one day.

We ended up having a discussion about the pros and cons of her job as a travel blogger. Because of course, who doesn’t want to be paid to travel the world and write about it? But similarly it must be tough being on the road that much, right? Regardless, it looked like fun and I wanted all of it.

But back then blogging didn’t seem like a realistic life choice, so it became one of those distant dreams and I continued to panic about what job I needed.

I ended up starting a beauty blog because I was makeup obsessed having just completed a theatrical makeup course at college. This was the first time I knew I really liked writing, but it turned out beauty blogging (and makeup artistry in general) wasn’t for me.

Next I got hooked on health and started a fitness blog. I still cringe at the thought of the chunky blue logo and horrible photos on my very basic website. But we learn from things like that.

October 2014 came around and I realised I wanted to write a lifestyle blog instead so I could ramble about more topics. Yes, I am the most indecisive person you’ve ever known.

I stuck with this for a few years, but as time went on I found that the only posts I a) enjoyed writing and b) weren’t me ranting about still wanting to lose weight were my travel ones. Having travelled a lot since I was born and more frequently as I reached my twenties, travel blogging seemed to be the obvious route.

This was a bit of a lightbulb moment for me, so 2018 was the year that I transformed my bit-of-everything blog into a travel one. Luckily my blog name didn’t need to change, so all I had to do was a little rebrand and chuck a load of old crappy posts in the trash folder.

During this ‘rebrand’ I thought a lot about how I’d felt on the day I’d discovered World of Wanderlust, and wondered why I’d put off travel blogging when it had been staring me in the face the whole time. Sure, my life has now changed and I no longer want to travel all year round, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do travel blogging in my own way.

In a way I wasted time by not releasing this sooner, but I’m also happy that it happened when it did. Being so young when I discovered Brooke’s blog meant I didn’t understand blogging, I didn’t know the first thing about writing/photography/editing/marketing etc and I sure as hell didn’t have any confidence in what I was saying.

And confidence is something you need a lot of with blogging. A few years ago, somebody tried to tear me down and it made me want to pack it all in that day. I lost sight of what I was doing for a while because of that.

It was that lightbulb moment in 2018 which actually taught me to stop caring, because now I realise that there are people out there who will care about what you have to say. You just have to find them – or rather let them find you.

And that’s exactly how I felt and still feel towards what Brooke shares with the world. I care about what she has to say about her travels, her raw honesty about life and her advice for other bloggers (because bloggers who help other bloggers are good people). All of that put together reminds me of what blogging is really all about.

So thanks to Brooke for giving me that seed all those years back. It may have taken me a while to plant it, but now that I have I’ve never felt happier with the direction that my blog is going in.

2018 taught me to do what you love, because there will be some people who love what you do.

Read Brooke’s blog here.

Why did you start your blog? Who inspires you?

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